Business and Economy in Munger

Munger being a twin city and administrative headquarters of Munger district and Munger Division is surrounded on three sides by river Ganges and Kharagpur hills in the east. These varied physical gestures add to the beauty of Munger. The region is gifted with agricultural and livestock economy. They rank 5th position for cattle hides, 2nd position for buffalo hides and 4th for goat skins. Fish culture is another advantage which has abundant potential.

Economic Profile of Munger

Economic Profile of Munger

Munger is an important trading center for fruits, vegetables, ready made garments and textiles. When discoursing about the economy and business aspects of Munger, there are ample opportunities as many industries are located in and around the city. Oldest railway workshop in Jamalpur is located near Bhagalpur and is a major source of employment in the region. ITC tobacco manufacturing unit is loacted in Munger and is source of livelihood in the region. One can also find various agro based industries in the region.With a fertile land agriculture also plays a key role in the economic growth of Munger.

Jamalpur Workshop

Jamalpur workshop came into existence during 8th February 1862. The workshop is considered to be the oldest and largest locomotive workshop with wide ranging manufacturing activities of Indian railways. The British picked Jamalpur as their place of workshop since abundant of skilled workers were available.The workshop holds a number of credits, they stood first to manufacture high capacity electrical lifting jacks accompanied with ticket printing, slitting, counting and chopping machines. They are the only workshop for manufacturing electrical arc furnaces and steel castings. Rail crane was first manufactured by them; they also hold the credit for manufacturing steam locomotive and locomotive boiler. The workshop has also started up periodical overhauling BOX’N wagons.

ITC factory

The ITC factory is popularly known as the cigarette factory which stands to be the largest tobacco factory in India. The campus of the factory covers about 17.38 acres. Basudeopur is the place where the factory is situated just a mile away from Munger railway station.

Gun Making Industry

Munger is known for production of fire arms in since the times of Mir Qasim. The tradition of making fire arms has continued till date. This is evident from the fact that in the city you can find many fire arms shops and units selling authorized arms. From double barrel gun to rifles and revolvers all and more can be purchased from here. Munger no doubt is famous for the production of high quality fire arms.

BPO’s in Munger

Munger has ample opportunities for graduates and professionals looking to work for BPO’s and international call centers too. Munger, Jamalpur and cities across Patna hold a huge set of BPO’s. They hold a good office set up and open with wide range of opportunities. Service industries such as travel and tourism, computer application, restaurants hold good scope in Munger. The city also have a good potential for MSME which include Rice mills, Garments, Agro products, Metal Fabrication, mechanical workshops, packaged drinking water and more.

Albeit the city of Munger waits for setting up of new industrial units, the Munger residents will be gratified the very moment the Bihar government officials prepare to welcome the other plausible means of economy.

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