Cuisines of Munger

Munger is place for all those looking to get the taste of typical Bihari food. Numeorus people from all across world come visit the city to enjoy its elegant beauty and to taste its mouthwatering dishes. There is no specific cuisine served in the city and therefore one can enjoy tasty delicacies of different cuisines in Munger. From Arabic, Italian, to Chinese, Gujarati, Indian to Punjabi, and more other cuisines are served here. You can enjoy tempting Rajasthani dishes made with pure ghee as well as timeless Mughlai food prepared with exotic ingredients.

Food in Munger

When it comes to choice of food in Munger in restaurants or ‘dhabas’ then you can enjoy both! There are some very good five star restaurants as well as local street dhabhas where food of distinct kinds is served and enjoyed. People in Munger are food lovers and especially sweets.You can eat Gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, moong dal halwa aor opt for chole bathure, puri sabji, dal baati and more such options. If you are a non-vegetarian then you will surely love the yummy chicken served in the region. So, when it comes to Munger then there are so many aspects to explore.

Cuisines in Munger

The traditional society of Munger is greatly influenced by the Hindu and Buddhist values, and so predominantly, they are vegetarians. ‘Bhat, roti, dal, achar and tarkari’, forms staple food of Munger city. Traditionally, cooking is mainly done with use of mustard oil as the medium. ‘Khichdi’ is another famous dish made with broth of rice and lentils and seasoned with spices is like din the region. Different kinds of chutneys, papads, pickles are preferred by major portion of the community. Boiled mashed potatoes with chopped onion and green chilies forms lunch for most people on weekends.
As most people of Munger are vegetarian, so you can find largest menu of vegetarian delicacies herein. Lentils, rice, rotis, pickle are items that a daily meal will constitute. Another major dish preferred by vegetarian population of the region is soaked uncooked sprouts mixed with bhunja, choona and Makhna. Even dairy products are largely enjoyed in the region where items such as Yoghurt or Dahi, Buttermilk or Mattha, and ghee, butter, lassi play major role.

Non Vegeterian Dishes in Munger

If you are a non-vegetarian then still don’t worry as Munger serves rich, tasty non-veggies as well. The unique flavor of non-vegetarian food in Munger comes from dishes prepared with various birds and fowls. There are special Bihari Kebabs served in the region. Butter Chicken and Mutton are other major items that form non-vegetarian menu of the region. traditionally, mutton and chicken were enjoyed with boiled rice and roti, but now they are also used as stuffing in paranthas and served as famous ‘Stuffed Rolls’. There are also few non-vegetarian dishes that are cooked with gravy and curry and enjoyed with bread. Seafood and dishes made with prawns are seasoned with spices to add tempting flavors.

Sweets and Snacks in Munger

Sweets and Snacks in MungerSweets form a major part of tempting delicacies served in Munger. The fact that they are different from sweets served in other parts like Bengali and Oriya is that most of them are made without using sugar syrup and so they are dry. Balushahi, Laktho, Khurma, Motichoor ka Ladoo, Khaja, Anarasa, Kesaria Peda, Kala Jamun, Khubi ka Lai, Parwal ki Mitahi, Tilkut, Belgrami, Chena Mukri and Thekua are some major sweet options that you can find in the region. Almost, all these dishes are dry but are extremely yummy. They are cooked by local ‘halwais’ with use of pure desi ghee. You can find variety of rich, yummy sweet dishes from numerous authentic sweet shops of the city. Large variety of traditional snacks is greatly enjoyed in Munger. Pua, made with powdered rice, ghee, milk and sugar is served in variant forms. Pittha another dish made with powdered and steam cooked rice is enjoyed in the region. Chiwra, Makhna a kind of water fruit is prepared with sugar and lotus seeds. Sattu is another great snack that is also a high energy generating food and is used in making chapattis, stuffing for paranthas and even mixed with milk to form a refreshing drink at breakfast. Litti/ Choka is an easy to prepare item that is made with use of Sattu mixed wheat flour and eaten with brinjals or mashed potatoes. Besides these major snacks, there are more other kinds of snacks served in Munger, which are not only tasty but also healthy.

Street Food in Munger

When it comes to enjoying mouthwatering street food in Munger then there are plenty of options that you can consider. Silav ka Kahaja, Jalebi Rabri, Garlic Soaked mutton rice, Butter Chicken, Kachori, Samosa, are some of the major street food items liked largely in the region. The best thing about street food of this city is that it is less expensive and so any one can afford and it is extremely tasty as all other dishes are. So, if you want to enjoy freshly prepared street food then Munger is surely one of the destinations to land on.

Restaurants and Bars in Munger

Munger is a place where rich food of different cuisines is served. If you want to eat varieties of dishes from a good dine-in restaurant then here are some options to consider. All these restaurants offer pleasing ambience, rich, high quality food and items from all cuisines.

Iron Horse Restaurant and Bar
Address: 501,3, Munger H O, Munger
Phone: 6344-272601

Kumar Food Center
Address: Goda maidan, Main Road, Munger
Phone: 9472473506

Basali Hotel
Address: Baribazar, Munger
Phone: 9835280520

Wine Sarovar
Addreess: Main Road, Muger H O, Munger
Phone: 9431236910

Catering Services in Munger

Food is the highlight of any small to big party and to hold high quality food a reliable and prestigious catering company is required. Traditionally, there were catering companies present only in big metropolitan cities, but with increasing demand of rich food among individuals have led to establishment of catering companies in almost every region of the country. Even Munger hosts prestigious catering companies in its boundaries. The catering companies in Munger offer rich quality food for different occasions organized locally in the region. Whether it is a marriage, small occasion, kitty party, social event, friend reunions or any such celebration, the catering companies are there to provide all kinds of cuisines of rich flavors. These entities also possess trained staff that saves efforts and energies required to present the prepared food. So, if you too want to know about popular caterers in Munger and enjoy tempting food served by them then here is the list below.

Shaadi Mubarak Caterers
Address: Near NH 80, Janki Nagar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9097136534

Vishal Caterers
Address: Topkhana Bazar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9934996167

Doon Tent House
Address: Near Tharpakhna, HB Road, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9934302710

Arindam Acharya
Address: Munger HO, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9331809651

Munger is an excellent place, where people are fond of different kinds of food. This is one of the finest beauties in Bihar, where people from all parts of world can enjoy high quality food belonging to different regions. There are ample number of dishes in the menu of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian section. You can even enjoy the yummy snacks and drinks during breakfast or evening teatime in Munger. The best thing is that the food here is not only extremely tasty but is also reasonable. So, no matter what you want, food in Munger is not going to disappoint you. It has everything for everyone.

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