Emergency Services in Munger

If you are planning or traveling to Munger, then below is list of major emergency services, which city of Munger offers. These numbers and information can be of great help in case you fall into an unexpected problem or met with an accident. Even though, there is no requirement, still it is better to be aware of such information in order to render help to others who may be in need.

Emergency Services in Munger

Ambulance Services in Munger

Ambulance is one of the most imperative services for any place. With increasing population and soaring tourists, Munger tries its best to offer upgraded services. Despite of the fact, that it is a very small city, there are still a government and few private hospitals operating in its premises. These nursing homes offer ambulance service in local regions to make sure they are able to meet any unexpected accident or injury. In case you met a mishap or you find any individual in need then you can contact any of the hospitals listed below. A sort of delay can trigger the problem. It is therefore essential to call the ambulance at right time to avoid any kind of major problem from occurring. Since, Munger is still on pace of development, so presently there are two major hospitals offering ambulance service in the region.

Munger Emergency Helplines

Samarpan Hospitals
Address: Near Mahila College, Mahila College Road, Madhopur, Munger HO, Munger - 811201
Phone: 9431237475

Sevayan Medical and Research Center
Address: Seva Colony, Dr. B G Bose Lane, Munger HO, Munger - 811201
Contact: 06344-220879

Pushkal Medical and Research Center
Address: Near Milan Cinema Hall, Subhash Nagar, Munger HO, Munger - 811201
Contact: 06344-222714

Gautam Buddha Hospital
Address: Gautham Budda Hospital, Munger HO, Munger - 811201
Phone: 9344186109

Pushpak Medicare
Address: Pushpak Medicare, Munger HO, Munger - 811201
Contact: 9431876450

Police Helplines in Munger

Like all Indian regions, Munger enjoys robust administrative system that ensures law and order in the city. The police professionals of Munger stay update and make sure that no big crime takes place within the region. No matter what kind of crime occurs, these police officers are readily available for help. In case you face a difficulty in Munger then you can call any of the police professionals for assistance as and when you need. It is also essential to get the crime registered within police premises so that they handle it in proper way. Contact details of major personnel in police department of Munger are as follow.

Emergency Help Number: 100

District Magistrate
Phone: 06344221001
Mobile: 9473191391
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent of Police
Phone: 06344-222406
Mobile: 09341800006
Email: [email protected]

Police Line

Jamalpur Police Station
6344 - 243137 , 9431822649

Kasim Bazar Police Station
6344 - 220518 , 9431822650

Kharagpur Police Station
6342 - 252142 , 9431822654

Kotwali Police Station
6344 - 222040 , 9431822645

Mufassil Police Station
6344 - 220508 , 9431822646

ST SC Police Station

Women Helpline in Munger

Women helpline presently has become one of the most important aids among all other helplines. This is because women are sensitive and they require special protection from major crime. In case you are in need of the number or you find any local women of the region in help then you can even directly go the center without filing a case in police station.

Women Helpline Collectoriate, Munger
Name: Ms. Shipra Kumari
Contact Number: 9711468020

These are major emergency services, which Munger offer to its local residents and foreign travelers.
Munger is a beautiful place and one should visit it at least once a time. It is even a safe place to travel, but still a tragedy can happen at any place and even in your own town. So, it is always better to be aware of all emergency services which a region offers readily to those who are in need. Plan your travel to Munger to discover another beautiful region of India and make sure to stay safe always!

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