Shopping in Munger

Munger has a strong historical and cultural background and once used to be the capital city of Mir Kasim during its bygone era. The city is beautiful and the people are simple and nice. It has its own unique flavor of shopping. Unlike the big cities it does not boast of huge shopping malls. But it has old shopping centers which provide everything that people need in their day today life. In fact it is one of the finest shopping hubs in the state of Bihar. It is the primary shopping place for luxurious goods for the entire district. It even attracts people from different parts of the state who come to the city to fulfill their shopping needs.

What to buy in Munger ?

Munger is a great destination for art and craft lovers. The city is home to numerous handicraft varieties. The handicraft of Munger is unique and unmatched. The eastern part of the state of Bihar has a special knack for artistic work. The most well known crafts of Munger are bangles making, stone works and khatwa works. Stone works in Munger is simply amazing. The best thing about Munger is that these beautiful handicraft and work of art do not cost much. Apart from these you can also shop for variety of beautiful sarees and traditional wears.

Where to shop in Munger ?

Munger is famous for shopping. It is full of small and big markets that provide variety of shopping options, rare handicraft items, hand looms, clothes and eateries that provide delicious items unique to the region. Parameshwari market is one of the most popular markets in Munger city. It houses number of general stores, showrooms, mobile stores, electronic stores, garment showrooms, jewellery shops, furniture shops, home decors, restaurants, eateries, and bakeries etc. It is one of the most known markets and visited by the people for the most part of their needs. It also has numerous stores for handicrafts and handlooms which are loved by the tourists and locals alike.

Shopping in Munger

Sri Ram market is another major shopping place in the twin city. In Sri Ram Market is full of shops dealing with handicraft items, hosiery goods and branded clothes. It is usually crowded and full of restaurants and jewellery shops and showrooms for women garments. Women usually come here to buy beautiful silk sari and jewellery at reasonable rate. Purani Bazar is an apt name for the oldest shopping complex of the twin city. It offers shopping avenues for some of the basic day today item for people which are otherwise not available in other shopping centers. It houses some of the most unique handicrafts and work of art that is difficult to find elsewhere. It has shops selling quality garments at a startlingly low price.

Township Shopping in Munger

Township shopping complex has been recently developed and by far the most visited shopping center for the well to do people in the city and the young crowd. It has numerous stores that sell branded and fashionable clothes. Some of these shops are slightly costlier than the rest part of the city. It is usually crowded with a lot of people. Some young crowd come here just for food and fun. It has smaller eateries that serve local delicacies like Litti choka or chole bature. It also has some high end restaurants that are quite expensive.

Shopping in Munger can be an unique experience. You will never forget the same and will enjoy it all while staying in Munger. In order to shop in Munger you don't need to have a heavy wallet. You may not spend a lot of money in shopping and yet you can go home with some of the best works in handicraft, handlooms, stone work and beautiful bangles. If you have good bargaining skills then you can go from here happier than your neighboring shopper. Apart from an exceedingly refreshing and unique shopping experience you will also remember the delicacies offered by the local restaurants and roadside vendors.

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