Utility Services in Munger

Munger was earlier popularly known as Monghyr and has been into existence since the Aryan settlers. It is also mentioned in the Mahabharata as Mod - giri. Through the years the name underwent many changes and is finally came to be known as Munger . This fourth largest city of Bihar is situated on the banks of river Ganga. The city has been divided into three sub-divisions namely Munger Sadar, Kharagpur and Tarapur. These sub-divisions have been further divided into blocks and anchals for better administration. Munger is also a Municipal Corporation so a lot of utility work is done by the corporation in Munger.

Utility Services in Munger

Traffic and Transportation in Munger

The main highway that passes through the center of Munger city is National Highway -80. The other three major roadways in Munger are Munger - Jamalpur road, Munger - Bariyarpur link road and Munger - Dakranala road. The other roads in Munger are Bekapur, DJ College road, Konark road, Jamalpur road, Hasanganj road. The main mode of local transportation is autos, taxis, three wheelers and rickshaws. Buses and trains ply for travel to other cities.Incidentally, the traffic conditions are not very good and organized in Munger. There are no fixed parking lots. Efforts are on though, to improve the situation. There are two railway stations in Munger city, Jamalpur Junction and Purabsarai. Jamalpur junction is the main station and is only 9 kms from the main city centre. It is a major railway junction of Bihar and well connected with trains going to all major cities of India. Infact, many trains originate from Jamalpur station like Jamalpur - Howrah express, Jamalpur - Malda Inter city express and some passenger trains. There is no commercial airport in Munger. A small airport is for the use of VIP movements only. The nearest airport is Patna which is about 180 kms away.

Civil Administration in Munger

Civic Administration in MungerThe head of administration in Munger is the District Magistrate. He is also called the District Collector.
This is followed by the post of the three sub-divisional magistrates (SDM) who work as the head of the sub-divisions. The Block Development Officer (BDO) look after the functions of their respective blocks. The police department and many police stations in the different parts of the district try to ensure the safety and security of Munger.

District Magistrate
Contact No.: 06344 221001 (O)
06344 221002 (R)
Fax: 222254
Mobile: 9473191391
Email: [email protected]

Superintendent of Police
Contact No.: 06344 222406 (O)
06344 222405 (R)
Fax: 222444
Mobile: 9431800006
Email: [email protected]

DDC, Munger
Contact No.:06344 222361 (O)
06344 222622 (R)
Fax: 222238
Mobile: 9431818368
Email: [email protected]

Munger Municipal Corporation

The water supply in Munger is under the municipal corporation. They are responsible for the maintenance and the regular supply. But there are other sources also like hand pumps, wells and tube wells. Sewage and drainage system is highly inadequate in Munger. Drainage and sewage used to go in the river Ganga but now under the National Ganga River Bain Authority project, it is being organized and cleaned up.The installation of electric polls and other fittings are also electricity supply in looked after by the corporation.

Healthcare in Munger

Healthcare in Munger

Recognizing the importance of healthcare in the development of a country, the Government has launched the National Rural Health Mission. These plans are based on the health needs of a district. The goal is to improve the availability and accessibility of quality healthcare to the poor in the rural regions. The city has two intermediate hospitals (200 beds), one nursing home and two dispensaries. The Bihar School of Yoga also provides international healthcare facilities, which is far better than that of the government hospital. There are some very small private nursing homes and doctors with private practices also in Munger.

Sadar Hospital
Address: 34, Hospital Road, Munger- 811201
Near Neutral Publishing House
Contact No.: (06344) 223623, (06344) 223519

Samarpan Hospitals
Address: Mahila College Road, Madhopur, Munger- 811201
Near Mahila College
Contact No.: 9431237475

Sachchida Nand Urmila Research Institute of Modern Surgery And Hospital
Address: 23A, Belan Bazaar, Munger- 811201
Near Baidhyanath Talkis
Contact No.: (06344) 222173 / 9939284470

Sahay Nursing Home
Address: Sahay Niwas, Ghoshi Tola, Munger- 811201
Near Water Tank
Contact No.: 9431090678

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Retail Business in Munger

The main markets of Munger is in the areas of Jamalpur, Bekarpur and Purabsarai. The markets are Konark road, Bari Bazar, Neelam road, Rajiv Gandhi chowk, Chowk bazar, Kauramaidan, Safiabad chowk, Munger - Jamalpur road and other small ones in suburbs of the city. People from the villages around Munger come to the city to shop. It is an upcoming city and new shopping centers are under construction. But otherwise, everything that one needs is available in the shops in the city.

Telecommunication in Munger

The mobile telephone services are also available through all the well know nation companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Uninor, Bsnl and Reliance. There are many big and small shops selling all ranges of mobile handsets. The radio broadcast is provided by the All India Radio as well the FM channels. There are some local television channels too apart from the Doordarshan TV, like NK channel and MCN channel. There are also private service providers like Airtel, Tata sky and others.

Banking Services in Munger

Banks in Munger

Munger has branches of the major government and private banks of India. They provide all the services to the people that are available.

State Bank of India
Branch: Munger Bazar
Address: Munger Bazar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
IFSC code: SBIN0001230
MICR Code: 81102206
Phone: 6344-228016, 222511

HDFC Bank in Munger
Branch: Gandhi Chowk
Address:Gandhi Chowk, Neelam Road, Bariapur, Munger – 811201
IFSC code: HDFC0002684
MICR code: 811240202
Phone: 18602666161

Punjab National Bank
Branch: Rd & Dj College
Address: Rd & Dj College, Shastri Nagar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
IFSC code: PUNB0640500
Phone: 6344-220762, 9431611725, 9431421912

Branch: Bari Bazar
Address: 301/302 Bari Bazar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
IFSC Code: PUNB0032600
Phone: 6344-222703

Central Bank of India
Branch: Demodarpur
Address: Demodarpur, Tehsil – Patani, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
IFSC code: CBIN0280047
Phone: 6344-2261193

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Postal Services in Munger

There is a Head Post Office in Munger city with 12 other small post office branches throughout the district for the convenience of the people. The postal services also offer the delivery of parcels and offer all services provided by the postal department. Speedy posts, delivery tracking system and security assurance make the services of these entities more reliable. Besides, end to end delivery, the companies also offer packaging solutions of high standards at affordable means. The premium services of such entities are attainable in all parts of Munger.

Postal Services in Munger

Courier services are also part of modern day Munger. Heavy items, which require hand to hand delivery can be easily, send from one place to other far off place through reliable courier services. There is eminent private courier companies in Munger that serve delivery needs of local residents to optimal means. These courier companies in Munger offer reliable services for 24 x 7 and ensure convenient and safe delivery of different kinds of items all across the world. If you are in need of delivering any sort of good without meeting any delay or damage then you can consult to any of the courier companies operating in and around Munger.

Munger H.O
MungerTaluk of Munfer district

First Flight Couriers
Address: Munger Road, Jamalpur, Munger – 811201
Phone: 6344-241784

DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd.
Address: Shop No.4, Station Road, Raja Bazar, Jamalpur, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9852197446

Prime Express Courier
Address: Bari Bazar, Munger HO, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9934832326

Maruti Air Couriers
Address: Azad Chowk, Bari Bazar Road, Muskipur, Munger – 8112101
Phone: 6342-2200036

Aps Cargo Movers
Address: No. 102, Near Blue Star Hotel, Wall Tax Road, Park Town, Munger – 811201
Phone: 9500032048

Petrol Pumps and Gas Agencies in Munger

Petrol Pumps and Gas Agencies in Munger

Because of densely populated, there is increase in the demand of petroleum and gas cylinders in Munger. There are large number of fuel stations of various petroleum companies like HP, BP and many others.. The usage of gas connections from consumers has enhanced a lot these days in Munger. With the increased use of LPG, Indane, and Bharat gas cylinders the suppliers of the same are many and scattered around Munger. One needs to book in advance for gas cylinders by phone, after then the gas cylinders are delivered to consumers home.

Mantrika Petrol Pump
Address: Nh-80, Bariarpur, Munger - 811211
Phone: +(91)-9431267967

Sita Fuels
Address: Munger Ho, At Bhusi Chawk Bhokhra, Munger - 811201
Phone: +(91)-9430942898

S S Fuel Centre
Address: Munger Ho, Shitalpur, Ps Mufasil, Mauza Dariyapur, Munger - 811201
Phone: +(91)-9934364834

Bambar Indane
Address: Bunsi, Munger Ho, Munger – 811201
Phone: + (91)-6344-237024

Nayan Indane
Address: Khalgaon, Munger Ho, Munger – 811201
Phone: + (91)-6344-222634

Even though Munger is one of the biggest cities of Bihar, it is still not that developed. Though all the facilities that one requires in daily life are available, there is scope for a lot of improvement. It is an up-coming city and the government has undertaken many projects to improve the infra-structure of Munger. It is also being developed from an agriculture based city to an industrial area.

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